Wireless infrastructure to improve efficiency throughout
Wauwatosa's municipal community

July 2007 (Mequon, Wisconsin) - The City of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, has hired Teleco Systems to assist the City in procuring video surveillance for their water utility infrastructure, as well as a private wireless infrastructure for all City departments to use now or in the future. Teleco Systems will also help identify other municipal uses that will benefit from wireless connectivity, such as wireless water meter reading and in-the-field data transmission for building inspection and property assessment functions. This technology could also be used to reduce or eliminate T1 lines and their monthly fees or to provide backup for disaster response and recovery.  The goal is to use the wireless infrastructure to its fullest extent to improve efficiency throughout the municipal community.


Health East Hospitals Adds Wireless

May 2007 (Mequon, Wisconsin) - Health East Hospitals in Minneapolis/St. Paul use Teleco for wireless voice and data engineering. The hospital use Vocera Badges, ( for nurse communications on the patient floors. The success of the project is heavily dependent on good wireless engineering.


Teleco Becomes VAR for Protexx

January 2007 (Mequon, Wisconsin) - Teleco now offers an exclusive 2048 bit dynamic Encryption algorithm.  The 2048 bit encryption is available only in the United States.   Teleco is a VAR for the manufacturer of this product, Protexx.  Their offering for this encryption security is targeted to high level law enforcement, FBI, Homeland Security and the National Security Agency.  For more information, please write to


DHS, Homeland Security Uses Teleco

December 2006 (Mequon, Wisconsin) - Teleco completes installation of Wireless Video Surveillance network for DHS, Homeland Security. A series of radios dot the downtown landscape of a Midwest city that feed the video surveillance to various governmental departments that are interested in knowing who, what and where certain actions are taking place. (write for more information,


Aurora Hospitals in Wisconsin uses Teleco

October 2006 (Mequon, Wisconsin) - Aurora Hospitals in Wisconsin uses Teleco for providing radio engineering services. The Aurora Hospitals use Cisco wireless access points for data coverage throughout their hospitals. (write for more information,


Homestead High school adds wireless to
their athletic fields

October 2006 (Mequon, Wisconsin) - In an effort to allow PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistants) to be utilized on the Athletic fields at P.E. hours the Homestead High school MIS/Network Coordinator, Linda Kaentje, contacted Teleco to have them engineer, and install a Cisco Systems wireless network out on the fields.  Using 4 Cisco AP1242 AG Access Points, Teleco was able to saturate the fields with RF signals for the Palm handheld devices.  Now the P.E. teachers do not have to hand transcribe the student attendance roster for every class.  The student roster is filled out on the PDA and the information is saved to the server inside the building.  A savings of time.  A convenience to the teachers.  And an advancement for Mequon Thiensville.


Lambeau Field is lit up

April 2006 (Mequon, Wisconsin) - Green Bay Packers use Cisco Access Points and Teleco to provide wireless coverage throughout their stadium. Usage includes food service, vendor Internet access, and data networks for the Green Bay Packers. (write for more information,


Teleco Partners with Andrew Corporation

December 2006 (Mequon, Wisconsin) - Teleco has partnered with Andrew Corporation to offer Andrew’s Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to Hospitals and the Enterprise market. Teleco is already in these verticals and can readily identify with the amount of precise engineering needed for multi-carrier cellular solutions. Teleco and Andrew together will engineer solutions to ensure that any cell phone can talk at anytime and anywhere in a building, such as a stadium, hospital or other large building.


Teleco Assists Emergency Government

October 2005 (Mequon, Wisconsin) - Teleco has just been granted ATP status from Cisco on the Cisco AP1500. The AP1500 is a new dual frequency radio designed for outdoor city-wide deployment in grid or mesh wireless networks. One 2.4GHz radio serves as a WiFi “Hotspot”. It broadcasts data to surrounding vehicles equipped with WiFi laptops. The Internet access or WAN backhaul is accomplished with the “A” radio portion. The “A” radio can connect to a high tower RF source, to another AP1500 or to a wired link to the WAN. The radio is smart enough to search for the best connection for the backhaul. Thus the “mesh” network.

Teleco is one of the few Cisco partners in the world to have the ATP status on the AP1500. Teleco is also an ATP partner on Cisco’s MAR3200. These two products are slated to be extremely important in the deployment of emergency government wireless networks.


Teleco Systems Expands

March 2005 (Mequon, Wisconsin) - Teleco Systems, Inc., headquartered in Mequon, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee, has recently opened two new branches.

The West Coast office is based in Issaquah, Washington. The Tampa, Florida office will primarily focus on the east coast. The Mequon branch will not only serve the midwest, but will continue to help with national and international projects.

All three offices will offer similar services.


Teleco Systems wins contract
with Spectrum Health

January 2005 (Mequon, Wisconsin) - Teleco Systems, in conjunction with Berbee Systems, has won a contract for the deployment of wireless infrastructure for handheld PDS, laptops and wireless voice-over-IP (VoIP) for fifteen Spectrum Health-owned health care facilities in western Michigan.

This project is due for completion in Spring 2005.


Teleco Systems helps track members at a
Wisconsin Veteran's Home

January 2005 (Mequon, Wisconsin) - Teleco Systems has won a contract at a Wisconsin Veteran's Home to track, via WiFi technology, members with Alzheimers Disease.

Wireless infrastructure on each floor of the four-building, 300 acre campus, allows WiFi tracking of individual members. "Hot spots" are also located throughout the grounds, recreation areas and tunnels.

Teleco, in conjunction with Ekahau and SBC, are the first to deploy this technology in this type of environment.


SBC Names Teleco Systems as
Master RF Engineering Sub-Contractor

June 4, 2004 (Mequon, Wisconsin) - SBC has named Teleco Systems, Inc. for its outside RF engineering, according to Henry Hile, principal, Teleco Systems.

SBC, headquartered in San Antonio, TX, is a major telecommunications provider. They are also partnered with YAHOO and Cingular Wireless.

“Our past working history with SBC lead to this unique relationship for wireless deployment,” said Hile. “As a master sub-contractor for SBC and their clients, this is a very complimentary working agreement, marrying Teleco’s RF engineering expertise with SBC’s mission to be a growing supplier of wireless technology for government, business and personal use.”

SBC is Cisco’s largest reseller with whom Teleco Systems is also partnered.

Teleco Systems provides engineering for Cisco’s LANs and WANs.


Cisco Systems Designates Teleco as
ATP for 3200 Router

June 4, 2004 (Mequon, Wisconsin) - Cisco Systems has named Teleco Systems, Inc. as an Advanced Technology Provider to assist Cisco to bring advanced emerging technologies, such as the MAR 32000, to market.

Teleco Systems specializes in radio frequency, LANS, WANS and broadband communications engineering, installation and service.

“Teleco Systems,” according to Henry Hile, principal, “is ATP certified for the MAR 3200, Cisco’s latest mobile access router, high speed wireless mobile LAN/WAN for police, fire, emergency and homeland security situations. This system is especially provisioned for Homeland security, First Responders and other emergency government situations.

Besides the obvious High Speed data capabilities a major benefit of the 3200 is the ability to tie disparate voice networks together and allow them to talk to one another. This means police two-way radios can talk to fire two-way radios despite the fact they are on different frequencies. This is termed interoperable communications.”

Cisco’s ATP program is designed for partners who provide planning, design, implementation, operation, optimization, product resale professional services and
post-sales support for customers. The ATP partners help to bring emerging technologies to market.


Teleco Systems Helps Local Governments with
Interoperable Wireless Communications Systems

June 4, 2004 (Mequon, Wisconsin) - Homeland security, according to Henry Hile, principal of Teleco Systems, Inc., is impacting local emergency, fire and police communications systems.

"The Federal Government is channeling supportive funding to local governments around the country to support interoperable wireless communications systems," says Hile, whose company provides engineering services for RF wireless systems.

"The gathering and movement of data, whether an image or speech, is paramount to safety and emergencies. A number of local governments are reviewing these newer technologies as they advance in their own communications programs. Teleco Systems is able to help governments and others find the best solutions and help implement these technologies."

Teleco Systems, Inc. is a Cisco System's ATP partner, and has recently been named as the sole outside RF engineering provider for SBC.


More on the Dept of Homeland Security:

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