The expertise and skill set necessary for the successful design and deployment of RF networks are not typically found on the staffs of IT departments and most VARs. This is where Teleco Systems excels! We augment the VARs engineering bench in providing these specialized RF engineering skills and we work directly with end-user clients as well. We take “complex” and make it seem “ordinary!”

To see a sample floor plan heat map, click below.

Hi-Res Map (zoomable) (1.3Mb)    Lo-Res Map (230Kb)


Wireless Site Survey LAN

  • Hospitals
  • Education
  • Enterprise
  • New Construction
  • Existing LANs


Wireless Site Survey WAN

  • Multi Point
    • City/County/Government buildings
    • Manufacturing
    • Educational
  • Point to Point
    • Backhaul
    • Single site


Wireless Design

  • Security
  • Government
  • Education
  • Health Care




Wireless Project Management

  • Objectives
  • Standards
  • Bill of Material and Budgeting
  • Deployment
  • Testing and Commissioning


Wireless Security Audit

  • Financial
  • Governments
  • Municipalities
  • Health Care HIPAA
  • Nuclear



Our typical costs per engineer are $1,800 per diem. A two-site WAN survey would normally be one or two days depending on the amount of travel. LANs are priced according to their size and complexity. No two projects are alike except on duplicate floor plans (i.e. typical retail stores).

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